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Stiv Djobs

Stiv Djobs

“ For me a great honor to be with you today on delivery of diplomas of one of the best universities of the world. I did not end institutes. Today I want to tell to you three histories from my life. And all. Anything grandiose. Simply three histories.

The first history - about connection of points.

I have stopped Reed College after the first 6 months of training, but remained there in quality "staying" about 18 months while at last has not left. Why I have thrown study?

All began till my birth. My biological mother was young, unmarried аспиранткой and has decided to give me on adoption. She(it) insisted on that I was adopted with people with the maximum(supreme) formation(education), therefore I could be the adopted lawyer and his(its) wife. To tell the truth, for a minute before I have got out on light, they have decided, that want the girl. Therefore to them have called at night and have asked: “ the boy Unexpectedly was born. You want it(him)? ”. They have told: "Certainly". Then my biological mother has learned(has found out), that my foster mother - not the graduate of college, and my father never was the graduate of school. She(it) has refused to sign papers about adoption. And only a few months later nevertheless have conceded, when my parents have promised to it(her), that I necessarily shall go to college.

And 17 years later I have gone. But I have fondly chosen college which was almost same expensive(dear), as well as Стэнфорд, and all accumulation of my parents have been spent for preparation for it(him). In six months, I did not see sense of my training. I did not know, that I want to do(make) in the life, and did not understand, how the college will help me to realize it. And here, I simply spent money of parents which they saved all life. Therefore I have decided to throw college and to believe, that all will be good. I have been firstly frightened, but, looking back now back, I understand, that it was my best decision for all life. That minute when I have thrown college, I could cease to speak that required lessons to me are not interesting and to visit(attend) what seem interesting.

Not all was so romantically. I did not have room in a hostel, therefore I slept on a floor in rooms of friends, I handed over bottles Колы on 5 cents to buy a meal and each Sunday evening that time in week normally to have a meal in a temple кришнаитов went for 7 miles through all city. It(he) liked me. And it is a lot of from with what I collided(faced), following the curiosity and intuition, appeared later invaluable.

Here to you an example:

Reed College always offered the best lessons on a calligraphy. On all campus each poster, each label have been written by calligraphical handwriting by hand. As I was deducted and did not take usual lessons, I have entered the name on lessons on a calligraphy. I have learned(have found out) about serif and sans serif, about different spaces between combinations of letters, that does(makes) fine typographics fine. She(it) was beautiful, historical, is masterful refined up to such degree, that the science of it could not understand.

Anything from this not seemed useful to my life. But ten years later when we developed the first Mackintosh, all this was useful. And the Poppy became the first computer with beautiful typographics. If I have not entered the name on that rate in college, at the Poppy never would be a little bit(some) set and proportional fonts. Well and as Windows simply would blow off it from the Poppy, most likely, at personal computers in general they were not. If I was not deducted, I never would enter the name on that rate of a calligraphy and computers would not have such amazing typographics, as now.

Certainly, it was impossible to connect all points together when I was in college. But in ten years all began very much, very clearly.

Once again: you cannot connect a point, looking forward; you can connect them only looking back in the past. Therefore you should trust in those points which you somehow will connect in the future. To you will fall to something to rely: on the character, destiny, a life, карму - everything. Such approach never brought me and it(he) has changed my life.

My second history - about love and loss.

To me has carried - I have found that I like to do(make) on a life rather early. Woz and I have based Apple in garage of my parents when to me was 20. We strenuously worked, and in ten years Apple has grown from two person in garage up to the $2-milliard company from 4000 workers. We have let out(have released) our best creation - the Mackintosh - year earlier and to me was only just executed 30. And then me have dismissed. How you can dismiss from the company which you have based? Well, in process of growth Apple we employed talented people to help me to operate the company and in first five years all went well. But then our vision of the future began to miss and we finally have quarrelled. The board of directors has come over to of his(its) party(side). Therefore in 30 years I have been dismissed. And publicly. That was sense of all my adult life, was gone.

I did not know, that to do(make) some months. I felt, that I have brought the last generation of businessmen - that I have dropped a baton when to me her(it) transferred. I met with David Packard and Bob Noyce and tried to apologize that has done. It was a public failure and I even thought of escaping where far away. But something slowly began to clear up in me - I still loved that did(made). The course of events in Apple only slightly has changed all. I have been rejected, but I liked. And, eventually, I have decided to begin all all over again.

Then I did not understand it, but appeared, that dismissal with Apple was the best, that could take place with me. The burden of the successful person was replaced by levity beginning(starting), less confident in чём-or. I was released(exempted) and have come in one of the most creative periods of the life.

During the next five years I have based company NeXT, other company named, Pixar and have fallen in love with the surprising woman who became my wife. Pixar has created the very first computer animation film, Toy Story, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world. During amazing events, Apple has bought NeXT, I have returned in Apple, and the technology developed in NeXT became heart of present revival Apple. And Laurene and I became remarkable family.

I am confident, that anything from this would not happen, if me have not dismissed from Apple. The medicine was bitter, but it has helped the patient. Sometimes the life beats you on башке a brick. Do not lose belief. I am convinced, that the unique thing which has helped me to continue business was that I loved the business. You should find that you like. And it as is true for work, as well as for attitudes(relations). Your work will fill in the most part of a life and a unique way to be completely pleased - to do(make) that your way is great business. And a unique way to do(make) great affairs - to love that you do(make). If you yet have not found the affair, search. Do not stop. As it happens with all intimate affairs, you learn(find out), when will find. And, as any good relations, they become better and better in the course of time. Therefore search, yet will not find. Do not stop.

My third history - about death.

When to me was 17, I have read the citation - something like it: “ If you live every day as if it(he) last, sometime you appear are right. ” The citation has made on me impression and since then, 33 years, I look in a mirror every day and I ask myself: “ If today was the last in my life, whether I have wanted to do(make) what I am going to make today? ”. And as soon as the answer was "is not present" during several days successively, I understood, that is necessary to change something.

Memory of that I shall soon die - the most important tool which helps me to make complex(difficult) decisions in my life. Because all rest - another's opinion, all this pride, all this fear of confusion or a failure - all these things fall пред the person of death, leaving only that is really important. Memory of death - the best way to avoid ideas that at you is what to lose. You already naked. You do not have reasons to not go on call of the heart more.

About one year back to me have diagnosed: a cancer. To me has come скан in 7:30 mornings and it(he) clearly showed a tumour in a pancreas. I at all did not know, that such a pancreas. Doctors have told to me, that this type of a cancer we do not cure and that I needed to live no more than трёх-six months. My doctor has advised to go home and to put into affairs the order (that at doctors means to prepare for death). It means to try to tell to children that you would tell for the following of 10 years. It means to be convinced that all is safely arranged so that to your family was as far as it is possible easily. It means to say goodbye.

I lived with this diagnosis all the day long. Later in the evening to me have made биопсию - have thrust in a throat эндоскоп, пролезли through a stomach and guts, have thrust a needle in a pancreas and have taken some cells from a tumour. I was in отключке, but my wife who there was, has told, that when doctors have looked cells(cages) under a microscope, they began to shout, because I had very rare form of a cancer of a pancreas which can be cured operation. To me have performed operation and now with me everything is all right.

The death then has approached to me closest, and I hope, is the closest for some following tens years. Having gone through it, I now can tell the following with the greater confidence than when the death was useful, but cleanly invented concept:

Nobody wants to die. Even people which want to get on heavens do not want to die. And all the same, death - destination for all of us. Anybody never could avoid her(it). And should be, because Death, probably, most it is better the invention of the Life. She(it) the reason of changes. She(it) clears old to open road new. Now new are you, but once (not so that and long remained) - you become old and you очистять. Forgive for such dramatic nature, but it is the truth.

Your time is limited, therefore do not spend it(him) for a life someone's another's life. Do not get in a trap of dogma which speaks to live ideas of other people. Do not allow noise of another's opinions to interrupt your internal voice. And the most important, have bravery to follow the heart and intuition. They somehow already know the one whom you want to become actually. All rest again.

When I was young, I have read surprising publication The Whole Earth Catalog (“ the Catalogue of all Earth ”) which was one of bibles of my generation. She(it) was written by the guy by name Stewart Brand, living here nearby in Menlo Park. It was at the end of the sixtieth, up to personal computers and desktop publishing houses, therefore she(it) has been made with the help of typewriters, scissors and полароидов. Something like Google in the paper form, 35 years up to Google. The publication was the idealistic and overflown big ideas.

Steward and his(its) command(team) have made some releases The Whole Earth Catalog and, eventually, from afar final number. It was in the middle 70 and I was your age. On last page of a cover there was a photo of road in the early morning, such as on what you, maybe, caught machines if loved adventures. Under it(her) there were such words: “ Remain hungry. Remain reckless ”. It was their farewell message. Remain hungry. Remain reckless. And I always wished myself it. And now, when you finish institute and start anew, I wish it you.

Remain hungry. Remain reckless.

All many thanks. ”

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